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How We Help TN Families in Probate

Taking someone's hand in Probate


I never heard of probate until the death of my grandmother. She passed at the age of 93, but had been moved into a memory care facility years earlier. In order to pay her bills, she had a reverse mortgage on her home. When she passed, her estate had to go through probate so we started the long, arduous process.

Her only substantial asset was her home located in Dover, Tennessee. We worked to clean out the 90 years worth of personal belongings. Many items were sentimental but had no real value. This did not make disposing of them any easier. We kept a few things that were special to us but by the end, we were physically and emotionally exhausted.

Then it came time to sell the home. It had not been updated since it was built in the 1970’s. Selling with a real estate agent was not an option. We marketed it as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and hoped we could clear enough to pay off the reverse mortgage, which was now requiring monthly payments. Finally, we found a buyer and were able to close the probate but the process was difficult and stressful for all of us.

I decided that helping others through probate was a way I could give back to a community that is struggling and often overlooked.

Our Offer

I have developed a team of professionals here in Tennessee that help with every facet of the probate process. You don’t have the time or energy to vet the various contractors, cleaners, attorneys, and agents. My team consists of experts in their field who work to meet the need first and make a dollar second.

We find that most families need help with the real estate. We can assist you with cleaning out and selling personal property, maintaining the landscaping, changing locks, making repairs, selling the real estate, and much more. Deciding what to do with the real estate is usually the biggest decision.

As real estate professionals, we can offer a free consultation on the best plan of action for the estate. We buy real estate, but if the best option for you is for the home to have it listed with an agent, we are going to tell you that. We even advise what repairs may improve the value before the house is listed. Investors try to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar, but we can help you review any investor offers and point out common pitfalls.

How It Works

When you make contact, I focus on your situation and try to understand your goals. We discuss details of the estate to determine what options are available. After some consideration, I provide you with the services I feel would be most beneficial for your situation. Once you and I agree, my team gets to work and ensures that we deliver on what we promised. We only get paid once the service has been performed.

I have built an entire team and service hub around the probate process, so YOU can focus on YOUR busy life and not worry about all the details.

Working with our Probate Services team will reduce the stress of dealing with this major life transition.

If you want some help, call (931) 444-9360!


Jordan Crain is the founder of New Leaf House Buyers. He is a licensed civil engineer and uses this unique skillset to understand homeowner's problems and helps them find a way to get rid of their housing headaches. He lives in Clarksville, TN with his wife and sons where he enjoys hiking at Land Between the Lakes NRA.

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