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5 Misconceptions People Have About Professional Home Buyers in Tennessee

The decisions we make can be hasty and ill-advised if we don’t take the time to understand our situation. Selling your home, usually your largest investment, requires time and effort to make sure you are making the best decision for you and your family. Let’s cover 5 misconceptions people have about professional home buyers in Tennessee.


House buyers don’t set goals to swindle unsuspecting homeowners out of hard-earned equity. Unfortunately, this is what many people think when they hear about professional home buyers in Tennessee. Please research our company, and anyone else you are considering doing business with. We focus on providing a solution to a homeowners problem. We want to buy your headache, so you can move forward. We want to hear your story, listening for ways we can help you meet your goals. By understanding the unique challenges of your situation, we can advise you on your next steps. If selling your house with a real estate agent is your best option, that’s what we tell you!

Clean up and Repairs

We enjoy renovating houses, increasing their value, and improving the living conditions of the surrounding community. A common misconception is that people believe the home MUST be cleaned and repaired before they can sell to a professional home buyer in Tennessee. Most homes require a minimum of prep work to be sold on the traditional real estate market. When working with a professional buyer, there is no need to clean anything. Often, you can leave trash, furniture, and broken appliances for us to deal with. We know that buying a property as-is can give a seller some relief in a stressful process.

Closing Date

Listing a house on the traditional real estate market does not guarantee when you will sell. Unfortunately, this inability to know the closing date has led to the misconception that the same is true of professional home buyers in Tennessee. It is actually the reverse. Professional buyers can guarantee a closing date, typically within 30 days, and this is a major benefit to working with us. By closing quickly and knowing when you close, you can dodge financial disasters, such as foreclosure, or other personal strains forcing the sale.

Get Your Cash

Another misconception about selling to professional home buyers in Tennessee is that the money is paid at the signing of the purchase agreement. The amount agreed upon when you sign is the amount you will receive at closing; there won’t be any added costs to selling with us. Look into the truth about the costs deducted from the sales price at closing when you sell your home the traditional way, either as a for sale by owner or with an agent. All real estate transactions unfortunately require that you receive the transfer of funds and get your payment at closing. We recognize that your need for quick access to cash is urgent so we set our closing date as soon as possible for your situation. Selling to a professional buyer is the best option when resolving serious impending financial disaster. Since we set can set the closing date quickly, you won’t be waiting very long for your payment.


Professional buyers care for our community and have dedicated our careers to helping Tennessee become a better place for everyone. We do our best to offer fair prices and take the time to fully explain our process. These negative misconceptions can be corrected when people take time to research professional home buyers in Tennessee. We are here to help. A family being reassigned to a new location, an illness that forces a family to move, or a sudden death can all trigger a family’s need to sell their home quickly to a professional buyer.

We are content knowing our purpose is to help people solve problems while revitalizing homes and giving back to the community. Work with us, once you’ve done your homework, and learn the truth for yourself. Let New Leaf House Buyers help you turn over a new leaf! New Leaf House Buyers will prove none of these misconceptions people have about professional home buyers in Tennessee are true. With our fast and easy process, you can leave all of your worries behind. Discover how this is possible for yourself by sending our team a message or by giving New Leaf House Buyers a call today at 931-444-9360!


Jordan Crain is the founder of New Leaf House Buyers. He is a licensed civil engineer and uses this unique skillset to understand homeowner's problems and helps them find a way to get rid of their housing headaches. He lives in Clarksville, TN with his wife and sons where he enjoys hiking at Land Between the Lakes NRA.

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